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​Would like to share what has been going on in my career...

Joseph plays all genres of music :







And most anything that grooves...


Given the gift from GOD, drumming became easy to Joseph at a young age. Remembering his mother, when she would put the pots and pans in front of him; gave him some wooden spoons and the rest was history in the making. Growing up in San Francisco, CA in the Mission District, music was most prevalent in his life; living two houses away from the great Santana family. Having reflections on accomplishments throughout his career, Joseph would remember his younger years, when he walk over to the Santana’s garage and watch them rehearse. After rehearsal, they use to sit him behind the drum set and mentored him to “keep the pocket” and the rest will come. 

Growing up in a musical family is most definitely a plus, always listening to my mother play her records and having her parties was exciting for me, people used to come over eat and drink and the when my mother played music it seemed like the vibe went on a whole different level. You can see what different kinds of music will put people in a mood of peace and tranquility and when the beat drops people dance with joy. But when my mom was going thru hard times and use to just sit at the kitchen table with a look of despair she used to listen to jazz, and when I heard the articulation of the triplet pattern on the ride and the off beats on the bass drum and snare, it gave me as sense of peace and I looked into my mom’s eyes and saw tears not just because she was having hard times. It was because I sat on her lap and took my hands and tapped on the table and said mommy it’s going to be ok. Then she told me something that made me smile, she told me that she sees I always loved to tap to the music and on time always with the rhythm of the song. She told me one day you will become a famous drummer and will make her proud. So with that I took off and became a drummer, I owe it all to GOD for giving me the gift, and my mom for believing in me and specking those words of encouragement that started me on this journey. “THE JOURNEY OF BEING A DRUMMER”  

For over 20+ years, I've refined my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to listen and learn from all of the masters before me that I have been honored to be in their presence. The result of my labors is a string of successful performances, along with the fans showing me much love....      

Joey's Quote:

“I believe that allowing your inner self to come out while behind your set is an expression of who you are and how you’re feeling at that particular moment. Some say if you’re having a bad week or day and you get behind your set that you’re playing will have and passion. But if you’re happy and joyful your playing will come alive and people will see that your spirit is free. So with that being said let both sides show and it will let people see the inner strength inside you when you’re playing"


Joseph Hernandez

Professional Drummer